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If You Need a Website for Your Company or Organization, Solar Media Web Design Has All of Your Web And Digital Creative Needs Covered. And We Guarantee to Save Your Time And Cost.

"It is amazing to design a website using the latest and powerful tools ."

design Website for your organization

When you’re looking to bring your organization to the next level with an online presence. A website is the ideal approach … 

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design Website for your company

Designing websites with the latest and most advanced methods of designing websites are the first steps for successful website for any company, so we always work hard to make the necessary research to provide the quality work for our customers.

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design Website for Advertising

To advertise on the Internet is the first source of profit on the network. Therefore, designing a classified ads site or displaying ads with a click is one of the activities that need experience and professionalism combined with a comprehensive knowledge of how to manage ads on the Internet while providing all the available capacity to facilitate the management of these sites as well.

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web designing steps

Goal Identification

The designer needs to identify the end goal of the website design, What is the primary aim of the website?

Scope Identification

Once you know the aim of the website, you can know the scope of the project. Meaning what are the pages and features that the site requires to achieve the goal and the timeline for building that.

Sitemap & wireframe creation

With a well defined scope identification, we can start to establish a site map and determine how the content and pages we identified in the domain definition relate.

Content Creation

After the site image looks more clear, you can start creating the content of individual pages.

Visual Elements

With the site’s structure and content, we can start working on visual interface.

Testing And Launch The Site

Testing is to ensure that everything is working, and making sure that the user does not face any difficulty to access the content and then finally Launch the site to the world.

We make beautiful website​s at affordable prices

Because designing website is our passion and that's what we do.

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